history.google.com: your browsing data online!?
(2017-02-19, 4:48:18 am)HXY Wrote: Sometimes I notice when I'm browsing that I receive ads from Google which don't related to me, for example some clothes, but my mother did search for that. We have the same IP address and I share it with a wireless router. And somehow Google display ads for that items. Or another example when I search for something relate to computers and she receive ads like that. So I'm sure that they monitor IP addresses too and not just cookies.

That is actually normal these days, same happens with me. Google sees what you search, what you like, what you search even the most. Then after collecting those information, it shows you the advertisement related to that and yeah IP is monitored too, my other PC was connected and it showed the ads similar to what i searched on the first PC.
I think I've seen that before but I know that Google is secure so it didn't really bother me. But just image if Google was provided a warrant for your search history by law enforcement...

Another thing I found weird is that Google stores your previous password. I changed my password over a year ago and If I try to login with it it tells me that this is an old password and I changed it a year ago.
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