[VPS] NoUptime VPS Review
@g4me0ver : I don't think that @NoUptime is giving away free VPSs for testing purposes.
I honestly feel that
If you need to test things use https://www.xshellz.com/ or some other shell provider, you don't need a VPS.

P.S: Some higher end shell providers don't give accounts for testing purposes
I finaly get one VPS from No Uptime and I will say this:

1. Amazing and fast support
2. For free range price this server is more than good
3. No problem with server crashes or similar

I recomend No Uptime to everyone, just amazing service Smile Smile
Thank You for VPS 12 https://verelox.com and https://freevps.us

1) I never had a problem ... can't say.
2) technically "For the Free Price Range" a 10 mb VPS will be good because it's given for free.
3) Linux is normally stable and any misconfiguration on your end doesn't mean a bad provider.

I am running a Apache-Nginx reverse proxy and the VPS is good so far.
I'm hoping the statistics I collect now, will help in the review I'm making next month.

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