I have a pair of Sony Headphones (extra bass).

It's only around $100, so it isn't that bad:

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I got a pair of AKG K712 Pro reference headphones. Very comfortable and clear to the point of being unforgiving. I wouldn't recommend them if you don't really care about the quality of your music or plan on composing though, as they are very expensive. (About 350 USD).
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I have a pair of sennheiser HD 180 and love them, very light and comfortable and good bass.
Also, rather cheap (15$ or so).
It does struggle with the volume though sometimes, it is just not loud enough.
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Hi there,

I use AKG K44 headset bought it for 20€. I know it is not that good but I use it for more than 5 years.
Hello there!

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I have the Razer Kraken Pro one. And then I bought my boyfriend a Kraken Pro V2 as my Christmas gift just last year. V2 is lighter.
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@Lux, I'm going to buy Kraken but i cannot seem to find a good review.
Is Kraken really bassy? I'm in need of headphone with a little high and little up distortion.
My corsair broke:'/ so going to get another gaming headset. but needed few words from your side?
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I have a SoundMagic ES18S
The sound is great for a cheap headset.
Recommended for bass lover.
I am using Sony MDR-ZX110A on ear headphones.
They sound good except for the fact that they do not have great base but considering their price and the quality of these I have no complaints about them so far.
The are not comfortable while listening for long periods of time as the the ear pads that they have provided are definitely not made for comfort at long listening sessions, they get uncomfortably warm after some time but still worth the money for some music or movie listening but not using continuously for work.
For gaming definitely DO NOT get a Turtle Beach! I paid around $100 for the px4 headset and have had so many problems.

Some of the problems:
1. Game audio is very faint but Chat audio works fine (no way to fix this)
2. When the headset is low on battery it will irritate you with a beep every two seconds.
3. I really wish I were joking about this, but the headset somehow picks up radio signals and plays music from the radio. It is very low so you need to be in a quiet place to hear that.

If you need a gaming headset, go for other and better brands.
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I have got Beats Headset for my PC or gaming. It supports bluetooth which I find convenient.

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