I have a simple E-Blue Conqueor 1, it's not very good as the Razers ones but i like it and it's price
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I use a logitech headset, i purchased for 15 bucks, the cable is a little annoying but the quality is good in genereal hahaha
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I use Beats Minis. It's really good. And the sound is great. Works like a charm.
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I currently use the Logitech G230 as my headset. I purchased the item off the Internet recently.
I have the Speedlink Coniux Gaming Headset, not bad quality for the price, including the microphone quality.

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I use headset came with Focusrite Scarlett Studio USB audio interface, it's pretty amazing enjoying bass songs.
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I just have headphones right now (Sony MDR-ZX100). I am planning on buying a mod mic to turn it into a headset.
I have Redgear HellFury 7.1 Gaming Headphones, it's awesome, it's ear muffs are really soft, and don't hurt even after long hours of using. Though it is a tad heavier than normal gaming headsets.
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I have a old Skullcandy which suits my ear, So not changing that for a while.
i have razer kraken 7.1 chroma and i'm very happy for this buy. Very cool headset. i recommend.
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