New sponsorship from GalaxyHostPlus!
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community,

We are very pleased to announce that GalaxyHostPlus ( @JanuszC ) has sponsored with a brand new dedicated server, it's the first time in history that we will have a dedicated server in the giveaways that will follow.

The specification is as follows: 

CPU: Intel C2750 2.40GHz  – x8 Cores – x8 Threads
Ram: 8GB DDR3
Disk: 1 x 120 GB SSD
Backup: 100GB
Connection: 1 Gbit/sec Unmetered
Location: France Paris

Note : there will be no control panel given, the member will have full root access to it, and if the owner wants to reinstall or change the OS they just have to open a new thread in the Private VPS Help & Support section and a staff member will do it. Also this is a bare server, that means you can use up all the resources(CPU/RAM) you have been given without having to worry about affecting your neighbors as there are none. The dedicated server will be available in the next giveaway and any member can apply for it, there are no restrictions.
We would like to thank GalaxyHostPlus @JanuszC @Shiva for this really generous offer and wish them a pleasant time in the hosting industry.

Kind Regards,
The Staff,
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
Dedicated server, 8GB RAM, 8-core CPU, SSD disk.... what a great spec. Smile

Thanks GalaxyHostPlus!

Just wonder how many people will apply for it in the next giveaway. It must be extremely difficult to win it.
Wow, quite special, usually it's free VPS that's beening given away, now there's a dedicated server going around!  I assume, however, there's going to be really little to go around, probably to the ones who have 5k+ score...  D:
Wow, a free dedicated server! That's definitely nice to see this community grows even more. I suppose only the one with a good usage purpose will win it in the giveaway, am I right?
Wow, thats a first, i think this is the first giveaway of a dedicated server on the internet, we are making history here folks! Savour it.
[Image: img.php?userid=15852]
All things looks good except server location.
Not suitable for me because most of my user are from India.

Hope new Dedicated server will be available form US Los angles location in near future. Smile

All the best to all who are going to participate for this VPS.
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I've never thought that this come true, a free dedicated server.
There was even a topic on one or two years ago where everybody said that this is not possible. Smile
Huge thanks to the GalaxyHostPlus team @JanuszC @Shiva and to the  administrators Optimus and cw1998 to make this available for us.
This is Mind blasting Sponsorship Smile
How many IPs can we have in that Dedicated Server?
I wish, @GalaxyHostPlus gets what we wanted by sponsoring that Server,
I don't think too that I can even Able to stand in the Giveaway, There are many users who have bay more scores than me..
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[Image: img.php?userid=17802]

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I will be applying but I'm guessing other people were interested, however, that would mean terminating one of the more higher ends VPSs since, I am certain they have VPSs Smile, so it's a win-win situation
Wow, that's one hell of a nice dedicated. Love the fact it's using a Avoton processor. Not the fastest, but still a powerful and power-efficient chip. Too bad there are most likely a lot of others interested in this one. Thanks @JanuszC

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