[SOLVED] VPS 2 Host Down
VPS 2 host seems to be down.

Control panel shows my VPS status as "Unknown", with the following error message:

An error occurred processing your request. The host is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

SSH login also shows timeout error.

Any help?
Can confirm.
I was gonna post this hours ago but I was still at school.

Their site and panel is still bck up though. Only "Los Angeles 2" seems to be down.
Any notications so far? I own VPS 2 too and it's been down for hours now. When will it be up?
We're aware of the issue, but we usually leave downtimes around 24 hours before reaching out to the provider for information, since they are most likely already working to resolve the issue.
All the servers seem to be online again according to our control panel, and a few that I have pinged. Closing this thread.

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