Anime recommendation for game plot design
Hey how are the community, sorry to be pretty dissapeared, have been working on some things.

Anyone knows anime that chars has secrets powers associated with "mask", like bleach (arrancar) and like that? And writing a game plot and need some creative references on that direction 

Also would be cool if you recommend me any anime with secret societies or organizations, like conspirations Smile

Any recommendation would be cool thanks in advance Wink

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Characters with mask: (whole list that I can remember, many of them you have watched I am sure)

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki (and almost all other characters)
Darker Than Black: Hei
Naruto: tobi and many others
Code Geass: Zero
Durarara: Celty (don't know if it can be considered as "wearing mask")
Fullmetal Alchemist: Elric (don't know if it can be considered as "wearing mask" just like Celty )
Hotarubi no Mori e: Gin

That's all I can remember for now.
Utawarerumono - Itsuwari no Kamen and his secuel and first season. The mask provide a power... a lot of power in short words xD. You must see to know i try say :p
Hey! Never hear of Utawarerumono, it seems very interesting would give a chance! Thx Cheese
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