how to reduce CPU heat
If you got something with copper in it, you're probably good. Water-cooling is over hyped.
Indeed, water cooler is to fancy for me hahaha. Also I'm not doing overclocking maybe in the future will consider, thx for your insights :3
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The CPU is getting heated fast because it is old or there are lots of dust. Try cleaning your PC or heat sink. If problems exist, try formatting and reinstall OS. You can also use air cooler for Laptops beneath it.
there are many ways to reduce your cpu heat. There is a fan on top the CPU and one inside the power supply, and usually one or more on the front and on the back of the case. Just turn off your computer open up the case, and use air to remove the dirt from each fan.
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you must look your ventilation's in case and a good cpu cooler . 40 to 60 degree Celsius is normal temp if you get higher then some problem with your fan or heat sink paste . first check fan then heat sink paste . again you get high temperature then cpu/motherboard has some severe problem
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I would also try cleaning off the thermal paste and reapplying it as it may have gotten old and not that good anymore.
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Yeah ! Open the side panel, add extra fan, and replace THERMAL COMPOUND between processor and cooler.
Thanks @tukai i did exactly that haha and working well so far, dangerous but well haha
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(2017-03-02, 10:56:52 am)Aegisrox Wrote: ... working well so far, dangerous but well haha

What was dangerous? Adding the fan or the thermal paste? Because I'm pretty sure everyone in the topic asked or at least suggested you to look into the thermal paste. Since that's the most normal thing you have to do when installing a CPU cooler. And ignoring it or doing it wrong is way more dangerous than that.

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