[CLOSED] 4 VPSs Available & 0 DEDIs Available - February Giveaway 2017
(2017-02-16, 9:45:32 am)cw1998 Wrote:  Correct. We're still deciding whether it should stay as DEDI 1, or maybe just VPS 28 to keep things simple, but thanks anyway for letting me know .
Also why I put a link to the thread containing the specs as it isn't on the VPS info page yet. Smile

I'm for keeping it as "DEDI 1" as it is after all very different from a VPS.

Good luck to all who are applying for VPS(s) this round. Looks like a good range of VPS's/Server no matter if you're looking for lower-end or higher-end machines.
When another VPS 7 or VPS 1 comes out..... I'm going to jump for it.
Though, it looks like @S.L.C applied for the dedicated server, so I guess I'm out for it Smile

Side note: Does anyone have any experience with using C2xxx based Atom processors?
I'm looking to purchase one from another provider but haven't any clue on its' actual use cases.
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Nice giveaway, great VPSs. Who is going to apply for the hot Dedicated server? Cheese Good luck to everyone!! Smile
Hello there!

[Image: img.php?userid=11569]
(2017-02-17, 1:34:14 am)MichaelW Wrote:  @cw1998 I think we should call the dedi, VPS 28 it's more er, organised yes?

Also may the best man Tounge win the dedi!
Lovely little VPSs as well!

I prefer DEDI 1.  Would be nice if this will be followed by other Dedis. DEDI 2, DEDI 3 ....  got a nice ring to it. :happy:
The initial giveaway has been complete. DEDI 1 was the most requested for server this month, but unfortunately there can only be one winner! Thank you to everyone who took part. There are a couple of smaller boxes that can be grabbed by new users who weren't able to get a VPS in the last round. I'll be closing the giveaway in the next 24 hours or so.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway! As expected there was a lot of requests for the dedicated server, a total of 11 requested it,

Here is the winners list for February 2017:

@LookedPath - VPS 5
@Karim - VPS 18
@thirthy_speed - VPS 18
@timelancer - VPS 18
@xXAndrew28Xx - VPS 15
@RDX - VPS 18
@hadagalberto - VPS 18
@'S.L.C' - DEDI 1
Congrats everyone who won a server from this give away ! Looking forword to read the review of new dedi. Not many winners this time and most vps18's. But still only 4 vps are left.

Nobody has taken vps25 which is located at Singapore. I thought it might have a high demands since it's a rare location.
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

(2017-02-19, 3:06:21 pm)dudex Wrote:  Nobody has taken vps25 which is located at Singapore. I thought it might have a high demands since it's a rare location.

The remaining 4 VPSs all have 512MB of RAM. It is not unexpected.

I do want a VPS at Singapore location. Unfortunately this VPS 25 has only 512 MB and 100 Mbit/s connection speed which are not quite suitable for me. Still, I believe that some new users focusing on Asian visitors will be interested in taking it.
Congrats to @SLC for winning the first DEDI 1. Am looking forward to a review. Nice to have someone like him pioneering it here so when we get more one day he can advise us when we come across hickups.

Also congrats to all of the other winners. I'm curious, who won VPS 4?
This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to everyone who won a VPS!
The remaining requests will be processed later today when I get on my PC.

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