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That isn't what NoUptime told me. I know the owner personally @IEpicDestroyer
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(2017-06-15, 11:46:38 pm)rpark Wrote: That isn't what NoUptime told me. I know the owner personally @IEpicDestroyer

I meant that Reliable Site provides 20gbps protection for free with all servers, but I don't think No Uptime will pay $320/month for the extra protection...

We also mark day six of VPS downtime... D:
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Hope @NoUptime will fix this soon, as my personal workspace is also affected.
Im using their free shared hosting. :/
Please excuse my English as this is not my native language.
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Still wating for their reply?
It's been many days now.

2-3 days more i'm going to wait, Then i will start shifting.
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I am not expecting Nouptime to get up online because it has been weeks now. Their VPSs have also been down for weeks. I hope they do come back but they have no response.
I was waiting for them too long, about 2 week, many pages got removed from google, I lost positions, yesterday I have moved to other hosting and have 95% less users, I should have moved earlier.
Since it appears this provider has closed the doors, I am closing this thread.

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