Poll: Filler Episodes - to skip or not to skip?
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Filler Episodes - to skip or not to skip?
i'm skip it. I feel disappoint when my anime release filler episode(s).
Like one piece Sad
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I would generally skip filler episodes. I actually hate Anime that has a lot of episodes and mostly consists of a lot of these filler episodes. And usually the Anime keeps on going this way. So I stop watching it because I can't be bothered to watch something that is beating the dead horse because the authors don't know how to continue the story or whatever.

Like at the moment I'm trying to watch Gintama which has a lot of episodes. That said... Gintama is not like Naruto/Bleach or One Piece. The episodes all usually tell a different story. And the story of an episode might just span over a few episodes and that's it. It's a non sense comedy after all. Bunch of funny stories, funny things happening and crazyness. So if there is a filler or something not really interesting I usually let it play and do something else.

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