Poll: Filler Episodes - to skip or not to skip?
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Filler Episodes - to skip or not to skip?
Do you watch filler episodes or do you skip them? I've been watching Naruto, and have recently finished it (not the Shippuden) and most of season 7-9 are filler episodes. I did watch them as I were unaware at first, yet the story became boring, so had to skip a few, except for scenes of Hinata and Naruto :giggle: .

So now that I've finished that one, and am now watching Shippiden, I'm using this website to tell me which was filler episodes and which are canon episodes, this one: animefillerlist.com/shows/naruto-shippuden

So filler episodes, to skip or not to skip?
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It depends.
Mostly i skip it. If i felt like boring, i will watch.
I'm watching Dragon Ball super,recently i skipped some of filler episodes.
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Definitely skip. I'm in it for the story not wasting time. And fillers are a total waste of time. I'm not immortal and time is precious. The time I waste watching fillers I could do something else with it.

Naruto Shippuden is 50% fillers, 15% flashbacks/memories (repeating a scene 20 times), 5% opening/ending song/credits, 10% time-wasting by talking around too much ("analyzing" the situation in their mind) and finally, you're left with 20% of (barely) watchable content. So you'll have some skipping to do. I watched all of it in a few days.

Fillers are for those that have finished watching a series that ended but enjoyed it too much so they go back to watch it again because they don't want that feeling to end. So the fillers look very good to them as they can drag around with the series.
Most episodes in Naruto Shippuden are fillers, but after 400th episode, fillers are getting more interesting, for example story of Kaguya, fillers explain many things, I don't think that you should skip them.
I second the it depends option, I skipped many anime but later discover that in some cases there story holes that have sense, but in some case I just wished that never watch them hahaha
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I usually watch all. Even when I follow both Manga and Anime of same story. If you don't follow the Manga then usually you wouldn't notice fillers.

Problem with both Naruto and Bleach was they talk too much than action. But These fillers usually explain side stories and things they didn't explain in main story line.
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I usually skip them unless there are some parts that interest me. It's honestly a waste of time.
Since I only watch Anime and rarely follow the Manga of same story I end up watching all episodes including fillers. Skip only boring fillers which totally unrelated. like some Anime do for Christmas etc.
I usually watch the entire anime, fillers included.

However sometimes fillers are not interesting at all and made in a bad way. Some other times fillers explain side stories of the anime (like the Kaguya part for Naruto)
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Skipping them as always, atleast i did when i watched the mainstream anime like Naruto/Bleach/Onepiece

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