Whatsapp Status Update
(2017-05-05, 1:51:41 am)thomsonmintu Wrote: Yes ofcourse you can pause status by holding your press on them. Just tap it and hold it.

Yeah, i knew that. But i feel UX is not good.
I think It should be tap to pause because sometimes you might hide the status picture/text by holding it with your finger.So it will be difficult to read or see picture/text completely.
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whatsapp status looks like instagram status.i think i dont like it,and my people in my contact is dont like to use that.
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thanks to freevps.us& hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
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Personally I dont like the update as its not necessary for an chat app to have this kind of feature.. For this kind of thing snapchat or insta is there...
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This update is still missing for me, the feature is not in my whatsapp version, seems Android 2.3 becoming the oldest platform.
Snapchat had stories. Great.
Instagram got stories. Okayy...
Whatsapp got stories. Um What?

Every app is stealing the stories feature from Snapchat so if you see "Microsoft Excel now has stories!" somewhere on the net, don't be surprised.  Sarcastic
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I personally don't feel a need for anything like that on whatsapp, as for me it is jut an app that replaces carrier SMS services and hence makes messaging cost effective by integrating messaging it into data consumption and not any other service for which we have to pay more.

It is not a social networking app that the developers at Facebook are trying to make it into, and Yes, Facebook owns whatsapp now and I think that Facebook also has access to all your messages as they are may be hosting whatsapp on their servers.
Things got far worse after fb owned whatsapp
And even worse when facebook messenger and whatsapp too is loaded is with useless features

The messenger feature : you are now connected on messenger almost made me throw my phone on the wall
Too many useless features and no options to turn them off , then facebook app asks to read my phone messages to , well no thanks , resource hogs

Whatsapp ..well.. the messaging quality got worse with time , it used to work with almost 4-5kbps of data usage and still send messages nicely.

Now , 40kbps is less for whatsapp to send messages,
Telegram works still as good , and no useless s-it , no waste features, simple fast messaging .

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