Vultr's new $2.5/mo plan [Updated: 1th Nov 2017]
DO and Vultr both are very costly.Never tried Vultr but I DigitalOcean for my forums.The performance was really good but No DDoS protection.But at last Vultr did it from $5 to $2.5 Cheese
Spun me up a Chicago instance. Had some spare credits to play with at Vultr. i Had the $5 plan at DO awhile back and it was not that stellar to me anyways. Will see how this one goes for a bit might use it for production if it works okay.
I do not know why I bother posting here, Everyone knows more then I do ........ just ask them.
(2017-03-04, 4:33:54 pm)dudex Wrote:  So many locations ! They even have Tokyo in Japan and now I so badly want to get one of these $2.50 vps with location as Tokyo. Right now I don't have any use for that but still just hard to resist because of super low price and rare location.

I have rarely seen providers offering the rare locations even at the same price, other providers charges extra for those type of locations, but this will really help to get a suitable location for them.
I think this is a great price for something like a website backend server and is great for the price and performance even if it's 2 per account.
hi, I'm tmwc.
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Wanted to give Vultr a try, too bad they require a PayPal account to be connected to a credit card. Unfortunately it's not that common to have a credit card in The Netherlands, compared to other countries.
Same here @dudex. I'm in the process of settling in a different country with different banking system. I need to get back to the UAE for a quick trip so I can get some prepaid Visa cards that one can get in the stores. Also, I need to free up some time.

Must say I'm totally attracted to Vultr - even before this thread and with Kyrie making a recommendation, I'll definitely sign up when I have more time available and my prepaid debit cards are available again. Time and time again when I was working on my VPSs and Googling tutorials in the past, I would land at Vultr for the excellent tutorials. I get a very positive feeling of really high quality staff there who are high tech and know what they are doing.
I think I will try this, i'm very happy with Digital Ocean, and as Vultr have a lower price, could be interesting to use.
Thanks FreeVPS and Hostigation for my VPS 18!
[Image: img.php?userid=17629]
From what I've heard, Vultr Singapore seems to be a pretty good Asia location.
Now, you might want to remember that speeds won't be stellar, but they'll be great for web servers.

However, I find that the limit on the number of $2.50/512MB VMs quite annoying, since I've already deployed the maximum (cheap, eh?)
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The locations are very nice and some very rare. The VPS is very good. I think it's time to grab one before it gets out of stock.
I love this VPS as I need European locations to host game servers I want more cheaper price to try this out for more usefulness , more exciting features I wonder if they going to change price or not. I tried this website out before for free trial but they don't have Windows VPS. I am sure they will be going to add Windows VPS in the future.

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