[CLOSED] 9 VPSs Available! - March Giveaway 2017
VPS1 and VPS14 are both having good specs, going to have high competition probably, good luck everyone applying.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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As always excellent VPS specifications, good luck everyone guys, I am going to keep my current VPS 9. Smile
Hello there!

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(2017-03-17, 8:27:36 pm)RLC Wrote:  I am going to keep my current VPS 9. Smile

We have same VPS 9. Has good specs, but it's virtualization isn't KVM, plus the kernel is old. So I'm letting VPS 9 go, if I do get that VPS 1 -- or maybe I should reconsider?
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By open proxies/VPNs, they meant proxies/VPN that anyone can use freely without any type of authentication. This is  generally bad as anyone, including malicious actors can use your IP to do illegal actions. This can cause trouble for the service provider which is the reason it's not allowed Smile

I've had VPS 9 before as well. Pretty solid IMHO Smile
I might also apply for VPS 1. Still thinking if I need the speed of SSD or the capacity of HDD. Happywide That's the only difference between VPS 19 Happywide

EDIT: Will not apply anymore. I'll just continue using BTRFS with compression since I just have several GBs of text files Happywide
Applied for a great VPS 1,
Good luck to everyone those who applied for VPS'S.
Great to see VPS 1 in this giveaway.
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I'd have loved to apply for VPS1, but am stuck right now for limited access to hardware and time to access the Internet. Maybe in a couple of months I'll be in a better position to put energy in my VPS projects.

I can recommend VPS 15. 512 RAM is very good RAM on a HostUs server. It doesn't come with a control panel, but once it has been set up in my experience a HostUs VPS works very well, I never feel the absence of a control panel as I don't have to use one.

Good luck to everyone competing in this giveaway.
I was going to go for the VPS 1, but... Well as nice as it would be, with my time limited as it is right now I'd feel guilty taking it as I wouldn't be able to start my project for several months. It makes me feel hollow inside realizing this, but I don't really need it anymore...
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This means, sure you can freely use any VPN services on your VPS server, but you can not create open public VPN service, so use it only for personal purposes, and you may share it only with family members or with your closest friends, because if they abuse or make something illegal over your VPN connection then you will be responsible for it. So think it twice.
But you can't apply for VPS in this month because your score is very low. You have to reach at least (or more than) 55 score in March and April together and then at 15-17th April you can apply for VPS. First request an OpenVZ VPS with 512MB RAM VPS and later you can upgrade it.

It's great that there are great European KVM servers available again.
VPS 9 are OpenVZ, but I had that before and I can confirm that it's really good too. And Janusz really do not oversell his VPSs because their HDD drives use RAID and IO speed never slow down during my usage.
Good luck to everyone who applies for a VPS.
I have seen that for first time that there are now less good VPS, probably since i joined as all of them were really good, but though my score wasn't that good to grab it, hehe, anyway but it looks like that there will be a nice competition for VPS 1, probably the one with highest score will get it.
Average giveaway, besides the VPS 1 (lately there have been a lot of VPS 1 in giveaways...hm). Not particularly interested in anything right now. Good luck to all who apply!
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Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!



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