[CLOSED] 9 VPSs Available! - March Giveaway 2017
(2017-03-20, 1:52:55 pm)try3vps Wrote:  Whether these spare VPSs are attractive or not, it is different for different people.

For senior members like SLC, of course none of them are attractive.

But these spare VPSs should still be attractive enough for new users.

Now it seems the data is implying that there are not enough eligible new users to absorb these spare VPSs for this round.

That's a bit disappointing.  Maybe there was too many smaller VPS in this giveaway, but they are all quality VPS from excellent providers.  

When is the giveaway closing?  Doesn't seem anybody wants to grab them right now.
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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(2017-03-21, 2:07:22 am)deanhills Wrote:  Still hoping for a quality review on the dedi - how's FreeVPSs dedi doing?   :i

I still haven't got to use it as much as I planned due to some unexpected complications IRL. The reason I held back initially was to get to use it first and then make a review detailing my experiences with it. And it still bugs me to his day that I haven't been able to get to it. Hopefully when I get some time to do some work again I'll be able to finally run some benchmarks on it. Since then, I've constantly asked some people from around the world to do some ping tests for me just to get an idea of how it would perform as a game server. The latency they gave me back was not bad but neither too impressive. As for the server itself, what I can tell you for certain is that it excels in applications that scale well on multiple cores. Single-threaded applications did not make the server shine too much. I hope I'll be able to run some benchmarks on both the dedi and the VPS #13 to see how does one compare with the other for their price.
@IEpicDestroyer In response to your question about when the giveaways close: the giveaways generally close on the 19th or 20th of the month once everything has been properly processed (with giving out so many servers in one month, there is never a month where an issue doesn't come up!) It also depends on how the weekend falls, as I am generally away most weekends and unable to finish things up until Monday or Tuesday (like this month)

On that note, I am now closing the giveaway. The remaining applications will be processed soon. Congratulations to everyone who won a VPS this month! The next giveaway is scheduled to begin on Saturday the 15th of April.

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