[HELP] Smartphone virus
So, my smartphone showing ads everywhere around the screen, installing unwanted apps without my request, I downloaded Malwarebytes antivirus, but it doesn't help out, the virus is named "Wireless update", tried factory reset even that doesn't help out, once time I have rooted I think that time I make the mistake, if someone can help me?

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If your phone is rooted why don't you use root permission to remove this app ?
Maybe this app can help: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...free&hl=en
Grant root permissions to it and remove unwanted app
Man, this is one clever app name. Because if you google it directly you get some other things that may not be related to it. Eventually, after some deeper searching it turns out that this app might even come pre-installed with your phone. Which explains why the factory-reset doesn't seem to do the job.

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First, pull up the app's info and see if you can disable it (assuming it's installed as a system app. If it gives you an uninstall option instead, then it's not a system status blocking you, but something else.
may be just find a custom rom...

scour xda, 4pda etc and if you are lucky, you will get custom roms that you like. follow the instructions and flash it. or use a root app remover as mentioned above.

i like app2sd pro or link2sd pro. not free though.
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Reflash your firmware or rom.
If you're still rooted, you can try manually delete the apk inside /system partition without reflashing your firmware
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After I did hard reset while booting the device the most of the viruses gone, but not all, and I think they will install again, and I know that there are cheap chinese devices that have pre-installed virus, which from they earns lots of money (installing unwanted apps, showing ads everywhere), Interesting, while the device was brand new it was that perfect, but after half year of use, I did software update, and from that day, everything came so stupid. Device is "Blackview A8", I have a lot of "Blackview" devices but only this device is infected. Maybe there is nothing we can do. Probably I am going to sell it as used smartphone, and continue using "Blackview E7s" one.

Thanks for your answers guys!! Smile
Hello there!

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