Unity 3D c# Scripting
Once I got answer "You have to learn C# absolutely separately from what Unity Learn offers",
and there are


And what to learn to work with Unity3D?

are there any good c# books for unity 3d or tutos 
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I don't know of Unity 3d or C#..
but there is a very new engine "Godot Engine", It's completely opensource and can do almost anything Unity can and even more like better 2d.. It uses a script called GDScript similar to Python and is very easy to learn like Python... If you haven't still started to Unity.. Give Godot a Try

There are some benefits like it can run on Linux, is open source [MIT license], fully free.. No charges as is case with Unity Smile
OFF: Ah yes, the Godot Engine. I wonder if people are still fighting how to pronounce it Laugh The one thing I liked about Godot is that there wasn't much to install. You simply had a single executable file that you would download and run. And that was just about it. I'm not sure how much it changed since the beta though.

ON: I would like to disagree on the claim that the C# from Unity3D is different from the C# language itself. Because if it would then it wouldn't be C# anymore. The syntax of the language itself needs to be exactly the same in order to be called C#. If it's not and is still called C# then that's just retarded. What is different though is the provided API. And the API should not be confused with the language itself. As for why the API is different. The reason should be quite obvious.

Also, I'm not sure how many people here used Unity3D so much that they can properly recommend a book that didn't come from a 1 minute google search. So this topic is just a honeypot for people to spam with posts made by google.

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