[VPS3][VPS4] Control Panel migration
Dear owners of a Host4Fun VPS (VPS 3 and VPS 4),

Due to a migration of the control panel, your VPS will no longer show in the control panel that you have been given. All VPSs (3 and 4) have been migrated to our cloud account on the new control panel. Currently I am adding new user accounts for all owners of VPS 3 and 4, and your VPS will be assigned to your user account so that it can be managed again. I will be sending out your login details by PM. If you haven't received a PM by the 25th March, please contact me by PM, or make a thread in the Private Help & Support section.
EDIT: All new details have been sent out to affected members

If your VPS has no network access, this may be because you configured your network manually. If this is the case, I can also provide you with the new Gateway IP and netmask.

If you have any other problems regarding this migration, please get in contact with us so we can help.

Best Regards,

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