OVH or Aruba
I have never heard of Aruba as well. If OVH allows game servers then go for them. I've been an OVH customer since 2015 and I have never had any down time or issues of any sort. and their cheapest option is $3.50 with really good specs.
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Are there any Italian users here? I'm really curious to their opinion about the Aruba company. It's interesting but in Italy they provide much higher prices than for their international clients.
I have tried both, And there is no differance beetwen them!
OVH supports almost all countries But aruba does not
Aruba has super cheap services but ovh not.
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I will go for ovh. I have 1 dedicated with them and no problem until now. Fast reply on support and has ddos protection and for game servers is the best.
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OVH is quite unreliable as everyone says. They will ---- with your bandwidth and their support is s-it, I am not sure about the other one. I would check with LET forums
ovh and don't think twice.

Aruba, You can have fun with their cloud servers don't try more than that.
I have test their dedicated servers. And a very weird thing happen my ROOT PASSWORD WAS CHANGED EVERY DAY for 3 days. I was asking 3 times for KVM Serial console to recover my password. i don't know how can that happen. If someone else is available to change my root password even when i secure it with ssh keys! the security of that company is 0.00
happy that i just tested and i wasn't thinking for something seriously to do with it.
D❤ᴘᴇ.ᴀʟ Oᴡɴᴇʀ.
Never heard about Aruba but take OVH.
The server I played on SAMP used OVH and is protected from DDoS.
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ovh gives the cheapest vps and hosting services
it gives very cool bandwitch and port speed
you should try it
I don't know Aruba, but with the latest security breach with VestaCP it turned out OVH first suspended hosting accounts and then asked questions after. Since it is such a large Datacenter, it must have filters in place that will trigger a suspension with the least amount of provocation. That may be very good for your uncomplicated straight and down hosting accounts with little social media activity and e-mails, but for more complicated accounts that attract lots of traffic, it may not be the right DataCenter to use. Probably better to go for hosts who specialize in games for example and have experience to deal with security risks.

I just Googled Aruba for reviews - this review service gave it a low score. So I wouldn't use them. Of the two I'd probably use OVH,but if I'm in a high risk area of hosting I'd go for a host who has a proven record for that particular hosting - possibly much smaller than OVH is as well with a good record of responding to tickets. We use OVH at another host and responses to tickets can be long. Price is good, but there are offsetting negatives for dealing with such a large host.

Here's the link for the Aruba review source:
I would recommend you to select OVH. Aruba's support aren't responsive from my side. I tried contacting them but they didn't help me with few things. However, OVH's phone call support costs, but it helped me alot. So, I would recommend you to buy OVH.
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