Choosing a best VPS Provider
I heard a good review about contabo :
Aruba is the cheapest VPS hosting out here, But if u are looking for free VPS and you have credit card you can go with Digital Ocean & Github Student Pack!
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Must consider the below requirements while choosing a VPS hosting plan

>>RAM and CPU when you buy VPS hosting plans from a web host
>>The provider offering a control panel that can improve your Site’s performance.
>>You must choose a reliable and best hosting provider to get the best VPS services.

Go with server basket, because they are providing cheap VPS hosting plans at a low price compared with any other provider and the technical support is also very good. I think they also have an own data center. At present, I am using a VPS hosting plan from them with a price less than 499 per month, thanks for providing such a wonderful service at a low price. 

Follow the link below for more information:

Is this suitable for your requirements?
Is there any other provider lesser than this price?
The Best is a relative term depending one what are you looking for. Are you looking for cheap vps or you need one with good security and support ? You can't expect everything. Like if you want a VPS for 5 usd a month then you can't expect a manage server or great support. Good support cost more money than anything else. My personal recommendation as the best vps provider is KnownHost. That's because I have used them since 2010. Im using a VPS there for 8 years now without having trouble or ending up moving to somewhere else. But they only provide managed solutions so they are bit expensive than the average lot.

Right now their cheapest package is 2 Cores, 2GB RAM, 2 IP, RAID-10 SSD Storage, 50 SSD space, 2 TB Bandwidth plus cPanel/WHM for 28 usd per month.

What I like is their support at least know what they are doing. If they feel client is not happy with support tech they move ticket to a senior tech who will always take care of it to satisfactory. This is the pretty much main reason Im using it. I have several big sites hosted there which belongs to my clients and my self. I don't want to have even a slightest trouble with these sites. The fact using them for 8 years pretty much says everything you need to know about support.
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