New Sponsor On Board!
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community,

We're very glad and happy to announce that FreeVPS Directory & Discussion has received a new sponsorship offer by VPSMost , Please welcome VPSMost (@konorbi) to our sponsor team. 1 new VPS have been sponsored to us in this new sponsorship, 

VPS 28

Quote:2 core CPU
1 IPv4 address
Unmetered traffic
DDoS protection
France, Roubaix location

The VPS info & Requirements page will be updated soon and this newly sponsored vps will be available in the next giveaway.
We would like to thank VPSMost for sponsoring us. A special thanks to the VPSMost representative @konorbi 

Best Regards,

FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
That was a good news currently i have vps 2 its same specification .
may i know which control panel they are using ? bandwidth Unmetered is great .
i would like to purchase from their website but it seems they are in development not fully functional
[Image: img.php?userid=16703]

Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:

Thanks @konorbifor the sponsor, congratulations freevps.
Nice to see the community grows bigger, I gained a lot of knowledge from here and met genius people around the world, hope it will become a great hub for internet experts.
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Another Europe location! Not only is it a rare location, the specs are quite good too. Congratulations on the new sponsor!
[Image: img.php?userid=14559&vps1]
Welcome aboard! Glad to see our community growing with new sponsors and getting the attention that it needs.
[Image: img.php?userid=8551]
Congratulations! It's always good to see expanding, unmetered bandwidth is going to be the advantage of this vps
Thank you  and for FREE VPS! 

[ CodingProperly ]
This seems to be a nice VPS Smile Thanks @konorbi for sponsoring it Smile

Unmetered traffic does seem to be a good point. But the storage is, hmmm a little small? It could be great for running game servers though. Where storage isn't a problem. (Unless you have a very large server)

Also @Optimus, please consider us dark theme users when posting. I literally had to highlight the text to read it.
That is awesome - thanks to @konorbi for supporting FreeVPS and particularly for those awesome specs. VPSMost Website looks very professional - love the design. Only thing is I couldn't find an IP to test how well my IPS resolve to VPSMost IPs. Is it possible to provide us with a test IP or did I miss it somewhere?
Yay! A new sponsor! I wonder if its a OpenVZ or KVM VPS..
Thanks For the VPS 18 FreeVPS.

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FreeVPS Moderation Team - Make a thread in "VPS Help & Support" for any VPS related issues.

A new sponsor! Didn't expected VPSMost! @konorbi! I have a VPS from them and it's great in performance , network, Never got a downtime! Good luck @konorbi. Well just a question how many VPS they have sponsored just one? *_*
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