Poll: (Security) Which do you prefer: Linux or Windows Hosting
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Prefer Windows Hosting or Linux? [Security]
I would say Linux generally because it just doesn't consume as much resources as Windows, so you have a lot more to spare for your hosting. Security wise, they are both very secure. The reason more exploits exist for Windows is because there are more people targeting it.
I prefer Linux because the community make fixes and upgrades much faster than Microsoft do and I think the open source code is a huge advantage.
I think Linux is better for security and much easier to use. However the security mostly depends on the things you do, not the Operating System. Making a Windows server more secure than Linux is possible. It's about the experience with the OS.
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It all depends on what you need the hosting for and what are you ready to face down the path. The general scenario is a bit like this.

There are some things which can only be done on windows. So If you need that to be done, nothing else gonna work. nada. Just like you have some areas where only linux is gonna work satisfactorily.
For some things you have a choice. Now you decide your costs and human resource and user base and try to make a smart choice. I heard many people say that Linux may be free, but the service and maintenance cost builds up.

Therefore, like most things in life, this basically boils down to your specific needs.
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