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@AzeyRex some progress in the project?

Kind Regards,

I used it last time and service was pretty good. Sadly it was closed suddenly out of no where. One of the forum staff member told me the project was scrapped because abusing members.

Looks like you guys taking only 4 beta testers and there are about 200 applications so no point of asking for that. I guess I wait till the service starts.

But I do have a question. You are surely gonna get abusing users this time too. It's something happens to every free provider. Do you have a plan to manage this ? Because I don't think anyone one want to see same thing happen like last time.

Good Luck with the project, Smile
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I was a community member of SERVER-VERLEIH before. I like their service very much and I'm glad to know they are coming back.

I was also one of the 200 applied for beta testing, but not one of the 4 chosen, though.

Now it seems when it's out of beta, there will be at least 200 going to apply for their free service. I hope they will have enough servers for that amount of applicants at launch.

About the possible abuse: perhaps AzeyRex can think about using the method NoUptime has recently used. NoUptime didn't accept new or inactive freevps members, and so they have still been able to maintain their free service since they started it this January.
Trying to acess the website however its shwing error "Webpage not found".
Thanks URPad And Freevps.Us.
I am so excited you guys are back. It seems Christmas to me all day every day.. woow

Hope you guys have some plans to put a stop to the abusers. Sad to see people abuse such nice services which otherwise proves to be a boon to normal users in need.

I didn't apply for the beta. Waiting eagerly for their services to start. Good luck
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
seeing as the site is again offline, I'm closing this until further notice. PM or report to reopen.
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