Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated when trying to connect to vps
I am getting an error when am trying to connect to my vps pptp connection : Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated . I have searched the internet for an solution but everything i have tried didnt work. Does anyone have a solution for these kind of error, maybe it has something to do with vps firewal and i have to add some kind of rule there, am using Debian os. Maybe its faulty my new modem speedport and for some reason its not alowing me to connect to my vps for the first time altrough i have 6 other vps-s and i can connect to them withaut the problem.
Atleast if someone knows where can i get a Linux os technician that you pay online to fix my issue ?
What exactly are you doing to get to the point where you receive that error? You didn't explain anything other than "I get error XYZ when I connect to my VPS" but not a single detail about what you exactly did. More information would be great.

As the error message is related to PPP I assume you have set up a PPTP VPN on your VPS and you are trying to connect to it? But it fails with that error?

Without more details I can't imagine a different case where such a error appears. Any normal connection to a VPS such as SCP/SFTP or SSH doesn't involve Point-to-Point connections and would never return such an error/error code.
I have setup pptp VPN on my vps, now am trying to connect to it trough windows 7 so i can browse the internet with different IP. But when i click on connect to my vps it doesent want to connect to it and just after connection window shows "registering your computer at the network" am getting the Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated .
Did the logs on the server with the PPTP VPN instance provide any information? I would look through them.

You said your can connect to all your other VPN servers so I think it might be something on your new server. What virtualization and OS do you use on the new server? Did you configure the firewall or did you maybe install any script like CSF?
I just got another vps and everything is working fine so it seems that buggy server has proly some issues, but i contacted the support and they didnt say that server is not working fine and they offered some other solutions the same ones you read on google. Man and i thought my new modem is ficking with me, what a coincidance.
Am not a Linux expert so i dont know how to provide logs , if you mean logs in control panel ?? they arent saying much. Am using Debian 7 32 bit and i have no idea on what virtualization is server on. Didnt install any script i think i wrote like one line for firewall and thats about it maybe theres somwhere a guide for debian os firewal how to set it up ?

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