I've watching it from episode 1 until now {eps 9}.
Well i'm so interested with boruto. Boruto potentially have more power than naruto (his father).
He's have byakugan on left eye from his mother {hinata} . And maybe will learn sennin power from his father {naruto} too.
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(2017-06-03, 6:46:30 am)Ignis Wrote:  The current arc of the show is just filler. Probably will be better once they get to the canon episodes.

Let's hope so. For some reason I find the name disgusting. It's way to similar to a word we use here in my country for saying that you or someone else barfed/puked. Or saying that someone looks like barf/puke. So whenever I read that name I think of puke Cheese
I have not even watched naruto completely lol
But the hype on the internet about boruto is telling me to complete naruto as fast as possible so I can watch boruto: naruto next generations
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