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Moderation Alerts Pack Plugin - Community Vote!
(2017-04-17, 5:37:08 am)Ignis Wrote: The plugin won't give a reason why. That would require moderators to enter a reason every time they delete a post, which, given the number of posts that get deleted every month, is simply unrealistic

Instead of entering detailed reason every time (which I agree it's really an extra workload for mods), it's better mods just enter one number code. For example, code number 1 means violating the forum rule number one that said users should not insult, flame, troll or attack people here etc.

That, hopefully, will be enough.
I'm not sure that the plugin allows for that, and we certainly don't have the manpower to modify it to do so.
"Post counters? We don't need no stinkin' post counters!"
@Ignis I believe that the reports dont include which mod done the action, or why.

unless im mistaken.
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I too believe the staff will implement such a feature soon which will give them opportunity to enter a reason while deleting a post, I received a pm from an user asking where is my post and his reply to it, the thread is locked as well, see this creates confusion amoung users, now its upto staff whether they want users to get confused or let them know the reason, I believe every user do think before posting an opinion in this site, they do type the whole content, deleting their efforts without letting them know the reason may be a sign of irrespect to the author and his time as well, when deleting a post I feel it will be better to let them know the reason and the username of the moderator who deleted his post and it will reduce the confusion to the user.
It is easy to delete a post with one click, but constructing a post requires thinking, planning, organizing, refining, typing and posting along with spending more time.
@LittleMaster entering reasons is overkill I think

And I disagree with your last statement, a bot can do all that.

How do you separate a bot from a human?

tr;dr: making posts is easy, moderation is hard, don't make it harder.
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