Poll: Would like to see the Moderation Alerts Pack in FreeVPS?
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Moderation Alerts Pack Plugin - Community Vote!
@"S.L.C" It does know the difference,

I'm not sure how you mean making a 'note'.

If 'note' means a alert then yeah, it can.

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@SLC - for me the arithmetic is very easy. You have 999 posts during the last posting session, and the next morning you notice you have 996 posts. When you do your posts for the day you pick up from another member who complained about her thread that had been canned and wanted a reason. Then discover that this was a thread one had posted to.

I don't know how the staff delete threads, but it must have been in a way where all posts in the thread were no longer positive. Could be it was moved to a Trash Can where posts are automatically nulled.

It's not a biggie though. Sort of had me puzzling over it, and then when I realized what had happened, just carried on posting as per usual. For me I'd far rather have a Forum that is stingy on plugins and fast than it being slowed down by a special plugin. And if it's going to be too much work for Mods - and it does look as though our Mods are almost down to one person doing all of the work - then let's just keep things the way they are.
Threads are soft-deleted in almost all cases. Soft deletion still affects the post count shown on your own profile, but I'm not sure how it affects post counters
Closed as per request of OP. Staff will continue to discuss this proposal and will update when we have more information.

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