Is there any cheap domain to buy like $0.01?
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can you please guys tell me is there any domain to buy cheaper like $0.01 i want to buy domain for my game server and my project. i can't find it on internet google search engine .i would be glad if you tell me here. i have pennies left in my paypal. i can't afford to buy expensive domain i prefer .com or or .net to buy cheaply.i want to buy it for one year only without paying web hosting.
If you're from India, bigrock is currently having a promotion for a free .com for the first year for Indians.
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Unforutnately i am not from India i am thinking if they would like give me to promotion if i am british the moment i am living in the United Kingdom. thanks for your support.
How about namecheap $0.88/year ?

btw its not .com, or .net, and that's price only for first 1 year.
Thanks and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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Recently I read about the recent hostinger easter promo.
Unfortunately the sale was only available for .xyz domains($0.25)
and their renewal price, for me is very expensive.
heres the link ->
Please excuse my English as this is not my native language.-20223
Remember guys all these less than 1 usd offers are for registration only. When it comes to renewal you have to pay the full among which usually at $10 or more. This has become a bit issue for all those people who bought .xyz domains for 15 cents. Now renewal price is over $8 and those who bought dozens of .xyz domain names have no choice but drop most of these.
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I agree with @dudex here, even if you can get these domain for cheap they could jack up price to $10-15, do keep in that mind while dealing with those offers
Yes, @dudex and @Kururin,
I don't think @Zizion has plans to renew if ever he will buy such domain.
he mention it on his first post.
Please excuse my English as this is not my native language.-20223

I am not planning to renew domain and I will surely buy new .xyz domain for cheap price for my website and thanks for replying here.
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