How to fix it? my VPS is slowing down.
Why not try to reload the OS. You'll have to start the VPS from scratch, but that way you'll at least be able to tell whether the problem is because of what you have loaded on the VPS making it slow or the VPS itself.

Does your VPS host have a Forum or discussion group? Have you checked whether there are others with a similar problem?
Hey friend, I didn't understood you very well, what actually is so slow? Can you maybe do test on the VPS?
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I think the best action in this situation would be to contact your hosting provider so that they can adequately address it.
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Turning to your side, if you are trying to connect to the vps remotely through VNC and if the vps doesn't respond much ( acting slow ) it can be because you might be having a slow internet. There will be a huge lag making you think that the VPS is slow.

The best thing to do is to do a network by downloading something.

Orelse as most of the people mentioned here it can be the problem of a bad host.
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OP hasn't responded or check the thread for over week so probably not interested in thread anymore. he has mentioned something about Halo Custom Edition so I think he is using a Windows Server. Probably a KVM.

If it's something to do with connection speed or over selling we can't do much about it. Only solution is moving to something better.

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A VPS can be slow due to many reasons. So, you should be specific. Either, the network is really slow or there might be something you installed as root causing the VPS to lag. Also, your VPS's node may be under DDos or attack.

Sometimes, a clean reinstall might fix the problem and if you don't have access to the panel, you should ask the provider.

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