Poll: What would you like to do with the reputation system?
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abandon the reputation system
0 0%
Implement a "Thank You/Like" system
2 18.18%
abandon the reputation system and implement a "Thank You/Like" system
3 27.27%
Leave it AS-IS
5 45.45%
Give reputations at a reduced default value.
1 9.09%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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[DISMISSED] Remove the rating system or implement a "Like" system (or both) - Community Vote!
This is a continuation of https://freevps.us/thread-20609.html

The way I see it the community has three four options:

(2017-04-26, 5:05:47 am)Ignis Wrote:  
  • abandon the reputation system

@deanhills suggestion:
  • Implement a "Thank You/Like" system (like StackExchange)

@MichaelW (My Suggestion):
  •  abandon the reputation system and implement a "Thank You/Like" system (like StackExchange)

  • Leave it AS-IS

@try3vps 's suggestion:
  • Give reputation points at a reduced default [score] value.

plugin mentioned: https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=360

Due to confusion among members let me clarify,

The first option disables the involvment of reputation points in the score calculator, You will still be able to rate posts.

The second option replaces the reputation system with a like/thank you system, the likes will count towards your total score.

The third option replaces the reputation system with a like/thank you system and disables it's involvment in the score calculator.

The last option is to leave the system as it is.

EDIT:  what we can also do is give reputations at a reduced default value.
@MichaelW I'm favouring your suggestion of abandoning the rep system and implementing a Thank You/Like system.
better leave it as it is, Like button won't make any difference only people who voted will use it for some time after they will forget about it.
If rep is not working I don't think like button also will work.
I support JanuszC.
Leave it as it now, not sure whether abuse of the tool will get reduced after implementing the thanks/like system.
I don't care these reputation points for those who have lot of reputes in hand, more over changing an old feature may result in confusion and it will reject the seniority of oldies..So no from me.Let them enjoy their seniority and keep the records.
This is just my opinion.
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Voted for leave it as is, I don't think there'll be any differences replacing it with a Like button other than implementing more plugins in the forum.
I think i clicked in a hurry. I would like to vote for leave it as it is or total abandonment. May be some stricter rules or may be restricted to admins or something if left as it is. I dunno. But it seems way too much of a hassle for everybody involved. Thanks
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
As all said changes will not make any difference so vote is Leave it Dont make any changes
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My vote for Leave as it is.
Current one looks good.
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I voted for "Leave it AS-IS", because it past 10 years it worked very well. Comment is mandatory because without it everyone would use it for almost everything and then there will be no real value.
Have voted for what I suggested, as I believe it should be the best way to avoid possible abuse.

A bit surprised but I respect that most members seem to prefer leaving it as is.

Maybe it's just not a good time to make the change.

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