Poll: Would you like inline success messages?
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[DISMISSED] Inline success messages
I was recently browsing the mybboost.com site on a recommendation by @Lux and I found this plugin that could be very helpful.

https://www.mybboost.com/thread-release-...ssages-2-1 Wrote:Inline Success Messages lets you see an inline success message instead of the classic "friendly redirection page" MyBB comes with.

MyBB already comes with the "Show friendly redirection page" option, but waiting 5 seconds before being redirected to a new page is a bit annoying to me. If you disable this option, you are immediately redirected to the target page but you lose a textual feedback of what you have done before and therefore you don't know if the action performed has been a success or not.

Inline Success Messages acts something in between these scenarios. You are immediately redirected to the target page but you are informed of the action you've just performed. The message is sent as a jGrowl notification.

Previously, more than 40 templates were edited in order to add a variable. With version 2.0, this is no longer needed as the message is powered by MyBB's default message handler which is jGrowl. If you are using something different on your board, feel free to edit the template "inlinesuccess_success" and play it around with your own JS message handler.

[Image: bE7kjad.png]
I like the plugin, but I think the poll is about implementation, so just voted for "no", for me this plugin will not make a difference, one instance I saw it is useful may be at rating the user, in some other instances I saw mybb rejecting duplicates by telling that the action is already done, mostly I know what I am doing and know where to check the results of my action, so this plugin will not make a big difference.
As the common advice more plugins will result in bad results I support "No"
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@LittleMaster: The plugin is only 5KB (0.005MB), and cannot do anything harmful to the forums.

I really can't see why you voted negative.
I voted for "yes". I think it's pretty helpful for the staff as well. Having messages like those removes the need to double check things like when closing or opening threads.

Helpful for us users at times as well I think.
I've been in favor the extra alerts plugin but that's as far as I'll agree to new plugins. I'm always against over-extending software. Especially with non critical features. Which is what this is. This is just your regular bling for kids to pimp out their game/clan forums. The forum worked well for me as it did so far and I'm sure it'll continue to work like this for a long while. So yeah, my vote goes to no on this one.
My Vote is "No" Forum working very well Then why make staff work more harder 5 seconds is nothing we can wait Installing more plugins will make staff work because when they will update forum or add a new theme they will have to re-setup these plugins Smile
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I voted for "no".

The new plugin itself is not bad. Just personally don't feel that it is really necessary to add it.

The current "friendly redirection page" is good enough for most users.
I'm with S.L.C. It probably would be good, but more plugins use more resources. There is no real reason to add it and it may effect the speed negatively as well. More plugins can also cause more issues that can go wrong.

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