How to tweak or setup VPS to handle wordpress website with big database
I recommend you to use pure nginx and mariadb instead of mysql.
Sorry to say, Apache is memory eater.

Learn any tutorials on DO about nginx installation, and for wordpress installation. Or maybe if you didn't wanna try from stratch, you can use tool like
Thanks and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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I have not tried with php7, I'm afraid some plugins or themes can not run, will try soon on another vps

I have been using easyengine at the moment with fastcgi and memcache enabled, getting some error 110 while google crawl my site look like too big with 1000 link on single xml file sitemap
Trying to find the best configuration, or should I upgrade the vps specification

just found someone idea, it's look great
Yes, you should try php 7 , as a wordpress site I thing there won't be much issues with plugins.
As said by others nginx will reduce the memory usage a big way, but still I feel 512 mb ram is not enough for your needs for now and especially for future, better to upgrade.

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