Flash Games
You could increase the functionality of the sites, like add 2-3 games, instead of one. Add menu and drop-down's for easy navigability. Add few pages about you/the company to show genuineness.
Also @xaoc is right, Adsense requires text based content, you could consider adding a blog, describing your game and tech behind it.
I would like to thank freevps.us for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
(2017-06-19, 5:47:25 am)xaoc Wrote:  Adsense will refuse your application for the lack of text based content.(As far as i know, haven't checked with the policies in a while) The best way to get approved for adsense is via a friend's website or something like that. Or maybe create some text based website with a lot of unique quality content(No scraping allowed, they will know).

I have unique content, each game has description, minimum 300 words

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