[VPS 2, 10] VPS Replacements
Well it was a good run. I guess I'm with all these other people needing a new VPS now!
Thankfully I backed up my stuff
[Image: img.php?userid=14559&vps1]
(2017-05-14, 3:02:13 am)try3vps Wrote:  @cw1998 So I guess I should no longer be considered as a VPS 2 owner and do not need to complete 15 posts for it, right?

I will excuse all FuzzyHosts VPS owners this month from posting. If you have a 2nd VPS though that is not sponsored by FuzzyHosts, this will be 15 posts as usual.
Added this information to the OP.

(2017-05-15, 2:22:44 am)thirthy_speed Wrote:  Also, I guess FuzzyHosts will have to be removed from the list of sponsors at the bottom of FreeVPS, VPS Info & Requirements, and the comparator.

This will happen soon.
(2017-05-14, 12:07:48 am)TimeRider Wrote:  It's feels too bad to see the demise of FuzzyHosts. I had been using VPS 2 for years.

I also don't find a matching VPS replacement choice. VPS 2 had 2 GB RAM and currently offered ones have 512 MB. May be I should wait or will be given priority on next giveaway? This certainly isn't nice for me.

Do you really need 2GB? If you desperately need it, I can drop my HostDare VPS with around the same specifications.
My website: https://dawgy.pw
Well hope people who lost their VPS for fuzzyhosts can get a new or similar to their previos VPS and good luck to everyone to applies this time Tounge

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