[VPS 2, 10] VPS Replacements
Dear members with a VPS 2 or 10,

In light of the recent announcement of the closure of FuzzyHosts, it is understandable that some users need another VPS right away for whatever reasons. Up until now, we have said numerous times to take backups of your VPS data due to issues with the control panel, and now we say again that you should take a copy of all the data you wish to keep, as soon as possible.

We are offering a replacement VPS to those who need it from what is available in our VPS giveaway pool. Due to the naturally limited size of the pool in comparison to the number of FuzzyHosts VPSs that there were, not everyone may be able to get a replacement VPS right away. Because of this we kindly request that anyone who has a backup, and is able to wait until the next giveaway before getting a new VPS, that they wait, and apply for a replacement as normal during the giveaway.

Another note, due to natural time restrictions on my side (work/study) I may not be able to respond to requests as quickly as I would like, however I will try my best to respond within 12 hours.

To apply for a replacement, PM me (@cw1998 ) and place a tag such as [VPS 2] in the subject so that I can prioritise these messages. Please state the VPSs you would prefer in the order you would prefer them. (similar to apply for a VPS normally). I recommend that you list more than 1 to better your chances of getting a replacement sooner. Including your full name and email address (for control panel account purposes) will speed the process up as I won't have to search through the request archive for these.

VPSs Available (quantities of each not shown currently) :
  • VPS 15
  • VPS 18
  • VPS 21
  • VPS 23

Other noteworthy information:
Owners of FuzzyHosts VPSs will not be required to complete 15 posts this month for the VPS. However if you still have a 2nd VPS that is with another provider, you will still be required to complete 15 posts as normal for that VPS. From the 1st of June onwards, if you have a 2nd VPS with another provider,it will be considered as your 1st VPS if you do not reapply for a new VPS in this month's giveaway to replace the FuzzyHosts VPS.
I didnt know they were closing the business. FussyHosts has sponsored some good vps. Its sad to see this happened to a good sponsor. Hope everyone had taken their backups. There are many too choose among but vps18 is good those who only host websites.
Just saw an update in their fan page on fb.Sad to see this provider go, it was one of the best provider, and thank you for the sponsorship fuzzyhosts.
Thank you cw1998 for giving advice on time and managing services even in the busy schedule.We love you. Smile
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
I'm glad to see freevps.us offer replacement vps for users in this unfortunate situation without waiting for next give away. The very first vps I received from give away here was one of those vps2. I had a mail problem so I exchange it to a vps18 couple of months later. But FuzzyHost vps seems to had a good demand among all other vps in give aways.

It's a sad to see a sponsor having trouble and end up having to close business but this reminds us again how important it is to have our own regular backups.
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I'm almost sure there was an issue in the past - can't quite remember when. At any rate, it's really great of Chris and the FreeVPS staff to come to members' rescue like this. And of course it is our responsibility to always keep backups. I still have to figure out a way to "ghost" a VPS, and to "ghost" my VestaCP settings, but for the rest where I can make backups I have backups - I make those every time when I make modifications to my Websites or have upgraded anything.

I just checked, and I must have been thinking of the thread at the link below. I got it wrong that it was a major issue, but it's probably the one who got me thinking when I read the announcement:
I am an owner of a VPS 2. Because of the recent closedown of Fuzzyhosts, will people who have a VPS 2 or 10 will get prioritised in the upcoming giveaways?

If we don't get a VPS now will we lose our FreeVPS title?

Let's say in the next two giveaways I couldn't find a good VPS that matches my current needs (I need a 2 GB VPS with game server allowance), will I still be prioritised after like after three months or so?

I have been using my VPS 2 for five months or so and it is sad to see Fuzzyhosts to go. Thank you!
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It's feels too bad to see the demise of FuzzyHosts. I had been using VPS 2 for years.

I also don't find a matching VPS replacement choice. VPS 2 had 2 GB RAM and currently offered ones have 512 MB. May be I should wait or will be given priority on next giveaway? This certainly isn't nice for me.
My VPS 2 has been down for 12 hours already. Look like FuzzyHosts shut down a day earlier than it said.

When it went down, I was doing backups... Sadly it went down right before I tried to send out the backup files. Sad

@cw1998 So I guess I should no longer be considered as a VPS 2 owner and do not need to complete 15 posts for it, right?
I wonder what happened to make them close down so abruptly. They announced it one week before shut down but I don't think many people were following their Twitter or Facebook page that closely.

Also, I guess FuzzyHosts will have to be removed from the list of sponsors at the bottom of FreeVPS, VPS Info & Requirements, and the comparator.
This is not a good new.. We lost one good sponsor that sponsored us 12 VPSs in total, It was a great sponsorship, however they get out of business unfortunately. also bad news for VPS 2 and VPS 10 users, they will get VPSs with lower specs unfortunately.
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