[CLOSED] 15 VPSs Available! - May Giveaway 2017
VPS 22 has a great spec and is suitable for my applications.

I wish I can get it as a replacement due to Fuzzyhost shut down.

Good luck for everyone applying. This competition must be very keen.

My thoughts exactly. I'm aiming to replace my VPS 2 that I lost due to the shutdown. 4GB RAM should be plenty to run some node apps Smile
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(2017-05-17, 1:39:11 am)thirthy_speed Wrote:  Since you are allowed to specify a list of VPSes in your VPS request, I see no harm in including it as one of the options if you want it. Who knows, you might just get lucky.

Ha that may be true, but I don't get my hopes high.  lol
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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@Ignis I've been running some node apps with quite a bit of usage. 4GB seems to be over kill Cheese

But hey, it has 2 IP Addresses. might be useful. I might apply for it as well Cheese
Nobody takes VPS 12 and 22, Those are mine i know they won't be xD! Some good VPS are available in this VPS with good specs,
Good luck to everyone and to me for those who have applied for a VPS
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@Abdul Sami you have a very low chance of getting VPS 22. @Ignis is probably the one who'll win it Cheese

VPS 12 seems nice. Everyone is not looking at VPS 17 though Happywide I wonder why.
Of course @Ignis will win it, But i will still take a chance. VPS 17 Location matters, I need a france location actually or germany and there is only 2 available in this giveaway, Applied for both XD
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Idk if I'll win it lol. There are a lot more people around here with a higher score than mine, I'm entirety riding on the hope they aren't interested in such a VPS xD
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If we look at the score I think @Conan has better chance of winning it unless there are hidden players. But he is keep having bad luck with servers here and looks like everytime he touches a vps, service provider goes out of business. GalaxyHostPlus, Better watch out ! lolll.
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@dudex you can't touch something virtual Wink
I'm not applying for VPS 22 though. I'm going for VPS 17 since I have better latency to it. I'm still confused whether I'll go for 22 though. (Most likely not)

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