2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 100GB storage (trial) @ VPSMost.hu

I would like to invite you to test our new dedicated server.

This is one of the server that we will use to host virtual servers in the future on our website: https://vpsmost.hu

You will get the following VPS if your request is approved:
  • 2 CPU cores (Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1270 v6 @ 4 Ghz)

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 100 GB HDD storage

If you are intrested getting one, please contact me and/or Sami in private message here.
Please include your email address, preferred virtualization (KVM or LXC) and a brief description about usage plan.

Requirements: You need to have at least 50 posts here.

The trial ends on the 27th of May.

Gratz for this fantastic project.

is possible use in Portugal?
Special Thanks to ZxPlay and Staff FreeVPS for VPS nº7

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Hello @g4me0ver.

If you mean that you live in portugal and i can use that VPS , Yes you are allowed to use these VPS.
If you want a trial please do let me know.
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Hello! If you are free, Please take a minute and visit my new hosting company : Click here to Redirect.
Well, Thank you Hostigation and FreeVPS for the VPS Servers.
Special thanks to @NoUptime , @konorbi and @rpark for providing me good services.

Hello. I would like to know what happens after the trial? How much do you have to pay?
Thanks For the VPS 7, and the VPS 9 FreeVPS.

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FreeVPS Moderation Team - Make a thread in "VPS Help & Support" for any VPS related issues.

Would be nice if you could include the vps prices on the mobile version of the website as well. Most people use their phones to browse the web now. This is just to avoid confusion and hard feelings. Tongueout
So Say We All
I applied to try it out anyway. I hope I'll get it accepted. Smile
Thank you FreeVPS.us with HostUS for VPS 15 and Evolution Host for VPS 6!
Thank you NoUptime for their excellent VPS!

Check out @coreyman's Free VPS Club for a free VPS with only 15 posts/month!

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Thanks for your interests. There is now 7 VPS running on this server. There are plenty of room left, you can still apply. Smile

@PokemonEx222 It will be around $10.
Why do you call it a dedicated server if it is only a virtual server?

That aside, you have interesting department names @Abdul Sami.
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).

woow. I am really excited about the cores. How long would the trial last ? I am applying Laugh.

Thank heavens , I came on-line before 27th may Tongueout
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), ZXPlay and the staff for my vps.
@doghouch Because it is a test for the dedicated server running VPSs. Smile

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