The Elder Scrolls Anthology blocks a bullet and saves its owner's life
Came across a Reddit post recently where the poster said that his copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology saved his life. Essentially a stray bullet shot through his wall from his neighbor's house when he was playing Prey on his computer but fortunately the TES Anthology box stopped it before it could reach him - Morrowind + expansions + Construction Sets were destroyed while others were fine.

[Image: xXlG9fE.jpg]

Broken Morrowind and Construction Set discs.

[Image: RJV9fic.jpg]

Bullet hole on the wall (that's the monitor on the right)

[Image: 55RGuvHvoxMc8pdobzpJC.jpg]

Where the TES Anthology box was when the bullet hit.

More images and details can be found on a Imgur gallery that he posted, as well as PCGamer's coverage of this incident.

He tweeted the incident to Bethesda and not only did they replace his TES Anthology with a signed copy, they also sent him a Fallout 4 AER9 Laser Rifle model and a Skyrim Shrine of Azura statue. More details and images on his Reddit post and Imgur gallery.
I would say ROFL, but this isn't something to joke about. And all I can think about are of those movies where they cover behind a sh!tty wall and no bullets ever come through. Well, this here is proof I wasn't wrong to think they're dumb AF Laugh Either way. I'm glad the guy is fine and I hope the retard who was entrusted with a gun pays for his mistake.

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@"S.L.C" Bethesda probably hired that person to shoot him in order to generate good PR.
The fact that he was playing "prey" is suspicious.

If not well... The next game better be bullet-proof. Smile

Gun control: favorable

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A free advertisement and news report for the company, I do smell something fishy.
Hope the company will reward him for referals.
Ha ha ha. Everyone loves a conspiracy theory. I really doubt a company would do so far as to hire someone to shoot another guy Tongueout

May be it s a set up and publicity stunt.. but hiring hiring a shooter most probably is not part of it. Such paranoia Tongueout
Anyway, it was good for both party and am happy that nothing tragic did happen ..
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He better have some bullet proof walls. That's scary getting a stray bullet through wall. Now at least nobody can blame him for buying these expensive game packs. lol
[Image: img.php?v2=2&userid=8114&txt=1]

for what I saw the game itself didn't save his life but his monitor or something like that. The things is "how the hell a bullet passed through the f***ing wallet", even my house has bullet-proof walls, even if there is no shoots near the whole neighborhood. Well, rip games or talk with company to get a new pack.
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