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[DISMISSED] Bug Section
My vote for NO. Total of 0/17 votes, I think it's enough to close this poll, there are already a lot of sections, where you can report bugs etc.
Hello there!

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I voted no as well, I don't think that's needed, just use the Feedback section to report bugs or any other stuff that falls in the category.
(2017-05-22, 8:06:26 pm)Nevermind23 Wrote: I think there should be Sub-Forum called Bugs, where people can discuss VPS/Site/Program Bugs and help each other.
I know it's similar to Help & Support forum, but there can be posted more.
For example few days ago I had Slow Connection problem on FreeVPS.us, tried other network but same, I wasn't able to find if it was because of me, or forum had some problems, if there was Bugs Forum, it could be easier to Find/Make Post about this.

Posts about VPS bugs would go under one of the "VPS Help & Support" subforums.

Posts about site bugs would go under this subforum ("Suggestions & Feedback") - as the description says, "Post your questions, suggestions, feedback & critique regarding FreeVPS Directory & Discussion here."

Posts about program bugs would go under "Software & Apps" or "Programming & Scripting".

So all the bases are covered. Besides, seems to be overkill to ask a new subforum be created because you couldn't find a post.
For about VPSs bugs you can go "VPS Help & Support" Section

as @thirthy_speed explained and all above post so this Suggestion should be declined and thread locked.

@admin Lock this post
My thing is that this sub-forum, was primarily made to fix the mentioned "bug reports".
If you find a bug, please report it here.

My is vote for: no

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I'll probably lock this thread this weekend, but I like to give people a chance to respond.
based on how much people voted for a no , we already know where this is going.
I think that it could be usefull, but we already have a VPS suppurt subforum where you can report bugs with your VPS. What could be the difference beetween those two?
If you thought mainly for other bugs such as hardware or software bugs then I support the idea.
I do not know why other doesnt want that section but I voted for yes. But yeah categorizing a lot is also not good. But I didn't see others comment before voting maybe that would have changed my mind
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