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(2017-06-17, 12:40:10 pm)rpark Wrote: Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am unable to get a backup for you. I've tried contacting @NoUptime, but they were not able to even give me my backups. I can give you a cpanel account on another server if you would like.

Oh no sorry, I meant from no uptime themselves, sorry for confusing you.
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(2017-06-18, 5:19:16 pm)Goldengate Wrote: I would love to apply for a VPS on your site. Sadly it is showing error 404 Sad
I hope it gets fixed soon!

Give Away didn't happen. OP is not able to offer free vps servers.

@Ignis : Better Close the thread till OP is able to restart the give away, if he able to do it.
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Closed until OP can offer free services again.
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