Clash of Clans New UPDATE!
I started playing it again after 2yrs and now it is more addicting and they are giving away more gems and adding more option so that user will always try upgrading this game.

What do you find entertaining about the game?

The itself hasn't changed much since its launch. No new gameplay features, apart from that new island gig, which in many ways is essentially the same thing, just with a different resource generation system.

Honestly, many Supercell games are quite boring now; Clash Royale being a great example. That "touchdown" mode was a literal disaster.
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After playing for long time with builder hall, I think it is another way fool player and make them attached to the game. 3attack per day and no loot that will take a lots of time/gems for user to complete.
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I was also really addicted to this game but got banned due to 3rd party apps usage. After that, I lost interest in it.

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