Android app from website?
True, either you can use android web-view app functionality or you can look into those new frameworks like Cordova or Ionic which provide functionality to create android application from HTML and CSS easily.

Build a progressive web application, and Google Chrome on Android devices will automatically recognize this.
As part of this, users will be given the option to download an automatically generated Android application with the Web View already in place.
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You should use Android Web View, it's kind of an embedded browser inside apps.
I would like to thank for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
Try these site:

These are free with some limitations.
Here is a great comparison:
Those programs can app from responsive website like it was written by programmer (without design bugs), Also I can change name and favicon of the app.
And I have second question, I know small about programming, can write simple game like BreakOut in Java and also can make websites on php. Can I write my own app for website (with different design, categories, etc. ) with my knowledge + tutorials ?
Actually you can. But i would say nothing worthwhile can be done in life without some effort. So either you try to make a good guess at how much it may bring you as earning(financial or through other value) and decide if you have some time to invest and read up and do this yourself or f you should use one of those free and limited services.
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