[CLOSED] 5 VPSs Available! - June Giveaway 2017

I think I've said this before, but can you please reconsider the color format for your post templates? It's hard for us dark theme users.

Here is what it looks like. https://gyazo.com/6ef0e4e639a253babe9476b582c9492b

Also 11 VPSs is not bad. The servers are actually decent. Having used VPS 18 before, it's amazing.
You can run a lot of stuff with 512 MB servers yah know Smile It's a challenge for you to fit things in.
(Though might be hard for people who runs multiple DBMSs)
(2017-06-16, 4:17:49 pm)Goldengate Wrote:  Admins should stop giving people two VPSs at the same time.

11 VPSs for a giveaway is too low.

Or admins could better give two VPS but one with higher specifications and the other one with lower specification, so that other users can get a chance since all the VPS with lower specifications are left behind.
It true this time very low specific spec VPS plans on givesway but as @Optimus said "this is not the final giveaway list, more will be added."

So Good luck. i'm trying for VPS 18 OR VPS 21 hope i'll get once of them.
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I am awaiting for the updated list. I just dropped off from VPS 2 so the ones I see now isn't what I really want. I hope for more VPSs to be added as I need one immediately.
(2017-06-16, 8:09:38 pm)Lampard Wrote:  Or admins could better give two VPS but one with higher specifications and the other one with lower specification, so that other users can get a chance since all the VPS with lower specifications are left behind.

I do respest that some people do need more resources in their VPSs, but I don't think a person would need two high spec VPSs just to host two websites.

Sponsors are already providing enough VPSs to meet the ends of all users here but 2 VPSs per person policy just ruins this.

I think 2 VPSs should be given to people who really do need them, like checking whether they will be using all of 4GB RAM or whether they need the resources of a dedicated server (will they be hosting a game server or just a program that only will use less than 10% of CPU).

I have been in this community for a year but every time when I try to get a VPS, the VPS I want always gets taken by an user that already has a good spec VPS and it is their 2nd VPS. This doesn't happen all the time but it happens in most cases, which is a huge disappointment.
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Pretty small giveaway as many others have said, but very decent servers. Good luck to all who apply!
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Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!



Not everyone who gets VPSs here uses it only for websites. If you're just gonna host a few websites, even a 512MB ram VPS is enough.

I don't think the policy ruins anything. In fact, it makes good use of the resources provided by the sponsors. If you look back at the previous time when it wasn't allowed, there are a lot of unused servers. That is a WASTE.

There are several different workloads that use resources in a different way. Basing it off the CPU usage is not a good option. RAM? Not because all the ram isn't being utilized means it's totally not being used at all. There are several changing workloads that use different amount of resources. Also, the man power to check those manually is not here afaik.
Also, a lot game servers don't need a lot of resources unless you run a pretty big game server.

I've used the 512MB VPSs of FreeVPS before. It's pretty amazing what you can fit there.

If you want a better VPS, contribute more so you can "beat" the other user who wants the same VPS. You think it's not possible? Look at deanhills. (deanhills is a cool guy. I'm amazed on how much he contributed to the site thru posts. Note that he joined 2 years after me.)

Try re-assessing your workload first. Try optimizing it as much as you can. There's a lot you can fit in on servers with <1GB ram.

I think the system is pretty fair.
Think we've been having it really great for many months with above average offerings, so if the offerings are a little less than usual, particularly after last month's loss of a good number of VPSs, I don't see it as a problem.  I'm just mightily grateful as always to our staff and sponsors for making a monthly giveaway possible EVERY MONTH.  I'm still blown away with how well all of it is organized including the high standards that are maintained.

Some of our members work very hard to make 30 plus quality posts, and as far as I can see have genuinely earned and deserved their additional VPSs.  Hopefully a second VPS can still be allowed, however if there is a shortage expected, the requirements for the second VPS could be made much tougher and more flexibility given to the GiveAway Admin in allocating the second VPSs, ie:

1.  The minimum points for qualifying for a VPS can be made MUCH higher for a second VPS.    
2.  If there is more demand than supply of VPSs in any given month (judged at the end of 24 hours after the VPSs have been posted), then there could be a rule that the demand for the first VPS be met first.  Second VPS will only be given at the discretion of the Giveaway Admin.
3. VPS member needs to submit a detailed justification with the Second VPS application against a template of specific questions as to why a second VPS is needed so as to assist GiveAway Admin with their decision making.
Waiting for the updated list, right now only low spec VPS and none of them from EU. Thank you for this giveway anyways.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]

The simplest solution will be not allowing anyone to take 2 VPSs in a month. (Is this the way its currently run now?)

Months without any "highend" VPS is quite rare iirc. I recommend @Goldengate to just wait.
The system is pretty fair. It's not the fault of the staff that the "high end" VPSs are "out of stock".

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