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(2017-06-18, 12:42:55 am)Conan Wrote:  @deanhills

The simplest solution will be not allowing anyone to take 2 VPSs in a month. (Is this the way its currently run now?)

Months without any "highend" VPS is quite rare iirc. I recommend @Goldengate to just wait.
The system is pretty fair. It's not the fault of the staff that the "high end" VPSs are "out of stock".

People shouldn't have to wait a year to get a VPS with at least 2GB of RAM lol
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i know theres going to be more added, but you should stop allowing people to get 2 vps'es Sad
Thank you FuzzyHosts and FreeVPS for my VPS 2! rip fuzzyhosts Sad

The additional VPSs have been added in red to the list. There are a couple of VPS 3's and 4's that we would add, but we can't get access to the control panel at the minute, so these have not been added for now.
I want VPS 9 now but there's no chance for me... D:
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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(2017-06-18, 12:42:55 am)Conan Wrote:  @deanhills

The simplest solution will be not allowing anyone to take 2 VPSs in a month. (Is this the way its currently run now?)
Do you mean someone applying for 2 VPSs at the same time?  Like how likely would that be?  Maybe a returning member with very high points would do that but how many returning members are there in that category?  Also it's difficult to imagine returning members asking for 2 VPSs at the same time.

I just checked the VPS Requirements for a second VPS and they seem to be a tad too easy specifically when there is a shortage.
Could be  someone who wants to replace both their VPS at the same time as well.

IMHO it's better to be patient. It's a free service so yeah. You know the common words.
The thing is that the people with highest score would be always able to get the VPS with higher specifications, no matter whenever they apply, so the users with lower score are always left behind with the low specifications, anyways what if we can suggest that the 2nd VPS should not be given by looking at the score, but as the person mentioned that if user has a good reason that why he needs another VPS then he would be able to get it.
Even now those who request their first vps get priority than those who request their second vps, don't they ? Temporary solution is stop giving a second vps still things get sorted out. Freevps has become really big and there are so many vps holders. I think now the biggest concern is increasing number of vps we have in pool. We need more sponsors. Need some kind of Plan/Action for that.

BTW I wonder how many vps are given so far. I mean How many vps holders out there and total number of servers in use.
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Finally I am seeing more updated VPSs, I have applied for one as replacement of my VPS 2. Hoping to get it as I need it very much.
I applied for a VPS, I hope to get it soon hehe.Good Luck to all of those who applied.
Thank you Hostigation and FreeVPS for VPS 18.
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