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11 VPSs is still many. It's just that not a lot of users want these small VPSs. Maybe they have a need for higher spec VPSs?
(2017-06-18, 9:23:57 pm)Conan Wrote:  @dudex

11 VPSs is still many. It's just that not a lot of users want these small VPSs. Maybe they have a need for higher spec VPSs?

@Conan  Think dudex mentioned it in an earlier post in this thread, and I agree with him.  Some of those VPSs that have 512 MB RAM are really great.  Like one has to consider the whole picture first of how one's ISP communicates with the locations that are available.  The speed with which my ISP communicated with the HostUs Dallas location was unbelievable.  Those guys are VPS Pros.  I have subscribed to a HostUS cheap VPS with 512 MB RAM for a year and only stopped subscribing by accident when I was in the middle of my move from one country to the other.  That was one of my fastest VPSs as well as I didn't once feel I was testing the boundaries of that VPS with the WordPress sites I was building on it.  I also have experience with shared hosting on a HostMada server and the service is excellent.  

For someone like you I agree though as your demands may be more.  But someone who is either a beginner who wants to learn or experiment or wants to set up Websites, there are really good VPSs on the list.  They should however check how fast the ISP communicates with the VPS first.  There are usually IPs available to ping if one checks the VPS Information and Requirements page.

@dudex  Agreed.  Would be great if we could get more sponsors.

Depends on what they really need it for. Those who looking for a Windows server gonna wait till a good one get dropped or available. I don't know much about game servers so maybe they need lots of Ram for those ? As for those who want to run websites I don't think many bother to see of specs match their requirements. I have seen so many members here and in other servers mention 512MB vps are not good enough for run websites.

Talking about the number of vps available, it won't be too many by the end of next give away. Members gonna take these too when they realize high-end servers won't be available anytime soon. Well there is a fact number of servers will be dropped end of each month but I don't think it will be too many.


Yep. I'm totally happy with my 512MB VPS18. I use it for websites and my target market is USA. Speed is super fine in all states I checked. Plus I haven't seen it's having down times. But I think here not many members who these servers for web hosting.

Well I don't think our current staff members have capacity to take care of everything including finding sponsors, managing give always and hosting and moderating the forum. They all have real life to take care of too. This going to be an issue sooner or later for them.
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

Wow! Specs of that vps9 is amazing. 3GB Ram with a 6GB SWAP, 2TB Traffic, 100GB space and 1Gbps speed. I dont know who lost it but thats a big loss.
Now this time another nice VPS added.
Btw why you told VPS 2 yet to be added ? Since I can't see any VPS 2 at the plans.
And I guess the compare page link need to be updated at the 1st most post (include VPS 9).
[Image: statimg.php]

[Image: img.php?userid=17802]

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I never said those 512MB VPSs are bad. If you read my posts before, I said that they're quite good and enough for a lot of people. I used VPS 18 a few years ago and it's amazing. Also, I already said before that they're good for running websites. It's enough for a few websites that don't have a lot of traffic.

512MB servers are definitely enough for a lot of websites. IIRC, this site is hosted on a small VPS. I can't find the post but one of the admins have posted that this site runs on a low end VPS. But iirc, it's on a server that has less than 1GB ram.

Unless you have a lot of concurrent visitors, it isn't an issue.

I do agree with your second statement though.
(2017-06-19, 2:41:37 am)Turbo Wrote:  Wow! Specs of  that vps9 is amazing.  3GB Ram with a 6GB SWAP, 2TB Traffic,  100GB space and 1Gbps speed. I dont know who lost it but thats a big loss.

Might be @JanuszC just gave us another for the giveaway, remember seeing a message in shoutbox saying that wanted to contact a admin, can't remember who that was however.
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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from my understanding, Chris is working on adding the new VPS 2. However, I am not sure it will make it into this giveaway.
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Look like i am going to get a VPS now, good luck all who are going to request VPS.
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(2017-06-19, 4:12:21 pm)TrK Wrote:  Look like i am going to get a VPS now, good luck all who are going to request VPS.

thanks and same to you.

i just tried for VPS 18 or 21 but now here is new VPS plan added. VPS 9 it was awesome. good luck who trying for it.
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