Free Early Access, DigitalOcean's Object Storage (note: verification fee)

Thanks for the clarification. Makes more sense why it's more widely used now.
I'm currently a DigitalOcean user and have been seeing this on their home page recently. I haven't read their terms yet but I am not sure what the point of this is. If you don't plan on paying for it after the early access then I think you'd lose your storage/files.
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Anybody know when they are launching ? i registerd but no confirmation mail etc
Does this need to be attached to some VPS to be able to be used? I mean free 1TB storage for a few months is quite nice.
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(2017-06-27, 11:50:40 pm)cw1998 Wrote: Schools don't pay for Google Apps. It's provided for free in the Google for Education programme. I guess the idea is that if Google gets students using G Suite now, it'll be the business tool set of choice when they go into the workplace, where they would have to pay Google $10/user/month.

So you will be able to keep your school's G Apps account for as long as your school doesn't remove it, and remains part of the programme. But since they aren't paying for it, they don't have any motive to do so, unless they like keeping things organised.
Using an education account's Google Drive storage should not be your only means of backup!!

I second this, my school uses gapps too, and i have unlimited storage because of it. I know a senior who graduated but did the stupid things to keep his important work files in there. The result? Guess.. It was removed alongside with his account. I say never put anything in there except your school work its not going to be there all time. They have to count their students and keep track of what is unused and prune them..
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Look like DO open the gates for early users for their Object storage it'll be free through 31st October 2017 and after that it'll be a paid service. If you singed up for early access you'll receive 1TB of storage within early access period.
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