DigitalOcean vs Linode for Minecraft
(2017-06-30, 12:20:33 pm)Conan Wrote:  @xXAndrew28Xx
it seems like you can run them on multiple cores now. source

Though if it relies on single threaded performance, DO wouldn't be a good option unless you go for their High CPU packages.

It does use multiple cores, but barely. Most of the vanilla server's code (same with other server mods: Spigot, Bukkit) isn't thread safe (e.g arrays, non-atomic stuff) and it runs on the main thread.
Just like most of the games,minecraft does gets benefit from faster CPU as they all rely more on single threaded performance hence performs much better on higher IPC CPU's such as of Intel's and due to this Intel CPU's are still having maximux FPS on most of the titles insted of Ryzen with more cores.
Hence you may need to find the best deal on a server with good CPU, try to evrn ask them about their CPU and it's speed.
I never had the chance to test Linode but I tested DigitalOcean and they are expensive, as someone else pointed out in the thread, but their services are nearly perfect and you can't possibly complaint about anything so if you're hosting a business that can't afford to go offline even for a second I think that they are the smart choice.
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Digital Ocean is better than Linode, They have got many promo codes, And plus they have execlusive speed (Almost 1gb/s) Which makes servers DOES NOT lag!
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If I want to host minecraft I will use service that provide minecraft hosting for lower price than vps provider.
For example, provide minecraft hosting with 512mb ram for just 1.5$/month which is cheaper than digitalocean.

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