DigitalOcean vs Linode for Minecraft
I was wondering which host is better for a Minecraft server, and are there any better alternatives for the price? performance wise. I want to start up a spigot server and I want to invest in the best host I can
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@Slothia I will go with Digital Ocean, all their servers are Enterprise SSD powered and you may want to sign up for the "High CPU" VPS Beta, which was designed with Gameservers in mind.

However the Normal VPS works fine for small-medium communities.

Just my experience though. You can find much better VPSes at our FreeVPS sponsors sites.

Feel free to check em out.

Not really designed for game servers. There are a lot of companies that have their infrastructure on DO. A lot of server software are very CPU intensive. There are a lot of requests for it because of that.
I don't think game server owners really go for Digital Ocean. They're quite expensive compared to other providers.

But I can confirm that DO is a good provider. @OP just choose which ever is cheaper imho.
I'm not sure if DigitalOcean servers can work with games but I do know that they're VPSs are really good. I have a really small one that I was able to buy using the credits I got from my GitHub Student Pack. There has been no down time and the server is pretty fast.
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ovh is good choice for minecraft server, but the price is too high.
You may try cubedhost, it has good reviews
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Ofcouse Digital ocean is better and for mincraft server its awesome you can go with digital ocean i have personal exprince on this
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I personally would go with Digital Ocean. Keep in mind when comparing CPUs, is that Minecraft is mostly single-threaded.
it seems like you can run them on multiple cores now. source

Though if it relies on single threaded performance, DO wouldn't be a good option unless you go for their High CPU packages.
i think digitalocean is better to host or deploy server becuase main reason is its instant with 5 minutes you can deploy your servers and fast too .DigitalOcean users can have their personal cloud server spun up and active in 55 seconds. Each box comes with full root access, a choice of operating systems, and the ability to customize the setup.
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Neither, you can find cheaper and better alternatives from OVH, Kimsufi and so on. Hey, maybe even Scaleway?
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