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Hey FreeVPS,

I've already posted this on LET, but for some here who don't have an account, here it is:

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[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102455.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102514.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102528.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102542.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102556.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102615.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102631.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102648.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102702.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102715.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102734.png]
[Image: screenshot-dawgy-102825.png]

Download it @
Live demo:

Anyway, if you like my work, buy me a coffee!


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Did you use a pre-existing base for this or is it your own? Anyways, looks quite nice. Nice work!
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(2017-06-28, 5:10:17 am)Translucent Wrote:  Did you use a pre-existing base for this or is it your own? Anyways, looks quite nice. Nice work!

Uses Semantic and Bootstrap (for the grid).

Apart from that, it's all custom.
My website:
Neat! Good job, @doghouch. Now, keep it highly classified before those stupid kids start their summer host...
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them starting a company. I hate the fact they only hope to make some quick money..
I really love the template. I love how you are giving it out for free. It looks really clean and modern. A website like this would be an incentive for me to look at the products/services sold on the page.
Simple nice template. But need some more improvement like picture slider, widget and some news update.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
Great template @doghouch.  Only thing I disagree with is that Safari is faster than the other browsers - well I guess it's true for Mac as it is Mac's only browser.   Tounge

Thank you with being so generous with sharing, and wishing you the best with your new business!   :fingerscrossed:
I like this template, modern, clean and minimalist

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